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Baseball Catching Clinics


November 5, 12
December 3, 10


Grades 7-12


$150 per 2.5-hour session

Assistant Coach for BYU Baseball Noah Hill will be directing a catching clinic. The clinic will feature throwing, receiving, and blocking techniques along with drills to elevate skills to a division 1 level. There will also be a comprehensive swing evaluation with video feedback that will be broken down and reviewed at the clinic.

Cost: $150 per 2.5-hour session

Time: 8:30 a.m. - 11 a.m.

New drills will be introduced each session.

First Segment:

  • Dynamic Warm Up/ Throwing w/ Transfer emphasis. Catch play w/ base throwing footwork
  • Footwork & Transfer drills
  • Throwing to bases on field w/ pop times

Second Segment:

  • Blocking discussion followed by dry drills & at home drills
  • Blocking off machine
  • Receiving discussion followed by dry drills & at home drills
  • Receiving off machine

Third Segment:

  • Tag Plays at Home plate
  • Hitting in tunnels
  • Coaches Eye evaluations

In case of inclement weather, the clinic will be moved to the indoor tunnels beneath Miller Park.