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Cubs Cheer Camp


July 11-12, 2024


Ages 6-11




Join the BYU cheer squad for two days of exciting cheerleading! You'll learn the latest shouts, cheers and dance routines, as well as warm-ups, fundamental gymnastics techniques and basic dance steps for young performers. This summer, learn new cheers, meet new friends and participate in the closing performance for family and friends.


If your child is filled with creative energy and loves to dance and shout, Cougar Cubs Cheerleading will be a great experience! The camp emphasizes personal confidence, coordination and body control, simple dance numbers and basic gymnastics skills. Children will enjoy lively music, spirited cheers and fun performances. They will gain confidence as they learn to perform before an audience, including the closing performance for family and friends.

Cubs Cheer has two options: Morning and Afternoon. The morning session runs from 9am-noon on Thursday and 8am-noon on Friday; the afternoon session runs from 2-5pm on Thursday and 1-5pm on Friday.

Open to any individual that meets age requirement.


  • Train with members of the BYU cheer squad.
  • Learn the newest cheers and dance routines.
  • Experience personal and small-group instruction.
  • Perform at the closing rally for family and friends.
  • Receive a camp T-shirt.
  • Gain self-confidence.
  • Meet new friends.

Special Features

  • BYU training facilities
  • End-of-camp performance for friends and family
  • Awards

Registration opens on Monday, January 22 at 1 p.m. MT.