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Cubs Golf Camp


Camps 1 & 2: June 3-5, 2024
Camp 3: June 6-8, 2024


Ages 7-12



- Morning Session: 8am-12pm OR - Afternoon Session: 1-5 pm

This summer campers will participate at the BYU Golf Skills Training Center at Fox Hollow with BYU men's golf head coach Bruce Brockbank, BYU women's golf head coach Carrie Roberts, and their assistants Todd Miller and Lea Garner. Participants will receive instruction in short irons, long irons, woods, chipping and putting. They'll also learn the basic fundamentals of correct grip, posture and alignment.

This is your child's opportunity to train with some of the best golfers in the state including Coach Bruce Brockbank and members of his BYU golf team. These coaches will spend personal time with each youth, teaching the fundamentals of golf. Additional training will include rules, etiquette, mental attitude, and conditioning. The camp is limited to 45 youth per session, so individual and small-group instruction and feedback are essential elements of the program. Campers will learn from complex drills, detailed demonstrations and fun competitions. Participants must bring their own clubs.

Open to any individual that meets the age requirement.


  • Receive instruction at the Fox Hollow Training Center
  • Improve performance through practice drills
  • Spend time with BYU golf coaches and players
  • Receive a camp T-shirt

Cubs Golf 1: June 3-5, 8am-12pm
Cubs Golf 2: June 3-5, 1-5pm
Cubs Golf 3: June 6-8, 8am-12pm

Cubs Golf 3 will be hosted and run by Coach Carrie Roberts and BYU Women's Golf.

Registration for Cubs Golf 3 will open on Thursday, February 8 at 9 a.m. MT.