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Softball Camp


June 13-16, 2022


Ages 10-18


$399 for non-housing
$499 for housing

Come to BYU Softball Camp and be instructed by BYU head coach Gordon Eakin as well as his staff and players.

The focus of the BYU softball camp is general instruction for the various positions with emphasis on games and competition. Every effort will be made to train as much as possible for each position but due to time constraints a broad training overview will be made with every position and then enhanced during games and competition. Learn softball from BYU coaches and players during the day and take part in the full BYU camp experience each night with activities involving sports camps counselors and the rest of the sports camps participants on campus during this week.

This is the only softball camp that allows those from the ages of 10-12 to participate.

Open to any individual that meets age requirement.


  • Receive instruction from BYU's coaching staff
  • Increase performance through detailed training
  • Improve your winning capacity through feedback and training guidelines
  • Gain experience during games and competitions

Special Features

  • BYU training facilities
  • Intersquad tournaments
  • Pitching machines
  • Speed guns
  • Camp T-shirt
  • Great campus recreation for housing participants
  • Breakfast, lunch, and dinner provided for housing participants; lunch provided for non-housing participants

BYU Sports Camps are open to any and all entrants, limited only by age, gender, and space in the camp.
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